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"In one word, I would describe my time with Coach Holland and Tim Wiseman as crucial. Although I already had a soccer foundation, they got back to the basics and brought a winning attitude each and every day. They gave me the time and experience that I needed to take my skills to the next level. I looked forward to training everyday knowing they were there to help guide me. I would not be where I am today without the encouragement and life lessons they instilled in me."
 -Jon Kempin, Columbus Crew Goalkeeper and Youth US International 

"Coach Holland and Coach Wiseman were an integral part of my athletic career.  From the moment that I became part of their team they challenged my skills and vision of the game.  Even after I was no longer part of their team, they continued to coach me through my collegiate and professional careers.  They coax a standard of excellence from every player on and off the field that becomes embedded in their players.  Without their knowledge, guidance, and dedication I would not have developed into the player or person that I am today.  Coach Holland and Coach Wiseman were the most influential coaches I have ever had."
 -Micaela Damas, NSW Sydney Women’s Professional Soccer Captain and 2014 Olympic Bobsled Hopeful

"I would describe my time playing for Coach Holland as very influential.  He helped maintain focus for each individual to work hard and develop as a team.  Coach brought a hardworking attitude each day, but allowed us as a team to still enjoy our time and have fun.  Coach has a great passion for the game, coupled with his vast knowledge has had great success in developing players and teams.  The most valuable thing I took away from playing for coach Holland is his ability to create an environment for players to work hard each day, develop their technical skills, but still enjoy the game which is what I believe the reason for his success throughout the years."
-Aaron Kuddes, BV North Grad, Kansas Gatorade Player of the Year 2001, NSCAA All American

"I can genuinely say playing for Coach Wiseman and Holland was one of the best experiences of my soccer career. They care immensely for each and every person as a player on the field, but most importantly as a person off the field as well. They made me want to work hard and be my best each and every time I stepped on the field and always reminded me why I love the game. They dedicated their full attention and time to our team and we could always count on them to do anything for us. Coach Wiseman made me want to play for him and to never let him down because I knew I owed it to him after seeing how much he would do for me and my teammates. He brings such a high level of positive energy to the field every single day; negativity was not in his vocabulary! The coaches were able to coach me technically, tactically and mentally and took my game to the next level.  I fully bought into every single thing they taught me on the field and I could see the differences in my game every day!  Coach Wiseman and Holland have made such an impact on my life and my game and I know they will continue to do the same for many players for years to come."
- Parker Roberts, US Under 20 National Team Player, Kansas Gatorade Player of the Year, NSCAA All-American, University of Florida