Core Values:
      Core values are the qualities that we use to define ourselves and establish our belief system.

We are:
A Family (of Student-Athletes, Coaches, and Parents)
Committed to Excellence

Philosophy for the Mustang United FC Student-Athlete:
Youth athletics are used as a venue to teach, learn, develop, and display life skills.  For this reason, individuals must give of themselves to make a team both cohesive and successful.  How a player reacts to both positive, and especially negative situations, usually is the standard for the measurement of both the team and individual success.  Players must realize that as a member of the Mustang United Football Club they represent not only the soccer team, but furthermore their parents, and coaches.  To play soccer for Mustang United FC is privilege, not a right.  The chance to be a part of this program is a great opportunity, but a more demanding responsibility.  Act as a proud member of your family, team, and school.  Youth sports are played, coached, and watched for the enjoyment of the competitive spirit, therefore, revel in the opportunity in a positive manner so you will be looked upon as a role model.

In addition, we, the staff, are most interested and concerned about you as a student, athlete, and person.  Assisting each team member to achieve their individual goals within the framework of the team and helping you to become more successful is one of our objectives.  Realizing that you have responsibilities outside of soccer, we will do all that reasonable and possible to help you maintain proper balance in all areas of your life.

Our Mission​

The Mission of the Mustang United Football Club is to teach and experience life skills through the sport of soccer.  Through preparation and opportunity, we will assist each player to become a more complete soccer player and person.

Core Values

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